Regina Ana Bürli’s philosophy consists in designing favorite pieces
suitable for everyday’s use with passion and attention to details.
Particular focus is being given to the combination of the sensual
haptic of leather, soundness of substance and a good pinch of
feminine playfulness.

She gains inspiration on her trips; from destinations touching her
due to their emotional density or by their spacious width.

On her multifaceted professional development she encountered
various fashion divisions. 2007 she founded her own label
ANA BLUM, a wordplay with her middle name and her mother’s
maiden name.

Her drafts are manufactured in close cooperation with specialized
production facilities. Furthermore, she keeps personal contact
to all her providers. It is of utmost importance to her, to avoid any
support of work-poverty in the production cycle.




Photography: Alexander Tröhler · Programming: Studentlab · Graphic Design: Angela Kaufmann · COPYRIGHT by ANA BLUM leather goods